Book Blogs I Love

Hey, my lovely readers! Today's post is about the book bloggers I love! I have so many, my little folder in my favorites could practically burst if real. I won't be writing all of them, but if you'd like to hear about more, let me know below and I'll write another post.


Firstly, here is The Rustic Window. I adore her blog. It's got a gorgeous layout and features beautiful photos taken by the owner, CiCi. She has many reviews on her site, and is making a section that's solely for stories about women of color! It's a fascinating place to read reviews and her thoughts on bookish things. 


The next blogger on my list is Josephine from Word Revel. Her website is easy to navigate and isn't too full of activity. She has reviews, categorized by genres, challenges by year which involves her telling what she's doing that year and it's a great way to find some for yourself! She also has a features section. It has Bookstagram 101, photography, personal thoughts, etc. 


Rebecca from Unbound Pages is awesome. She offers posts on how to upkeep your blog, how to make it pop, and get viewers. She also has a review section. She's got many helpful posts on there, and I love to read her thoughts. She's got a well-maintained site and her writing is perfect. 

Christina from Girl in the Pages has a cute blog. She has an area called bookshelf, where she features the books she'll be reading in each year. I think that's a fantastic idea and may implement that myself. She also has reviews, of course. She has categories under it, including: by author, by title, by rating, boyfriend book, film, and book buddy reviews. She has a section about tips, monthly recaps, etc. It's chalk full of wondrous posts. 

The next one is Cait from Paper Fury. I adore this girl. She's witty and has a way of connecting with readers. She's just so fun and isn't afraid to be herself. She has reviews, an area for blogging, books, life, and writing sections.