June Releases

I can't believe it's June, and with a new month brings new releases! Here are a few notable releases I found interesting. 


Our Dark Duet-Victoria Schwab

With a release date of June 13th, this is one of the top anticipated releases. Our Dark Duet is the second book in this series and follows Kate Harker, a girl who hunts down monsters.












  Once and for All-Sarah Dessen

Louna's mother is a wedding planner, and despite seeing many happy couples, she's cynical about love and doesn't believe in happily ever afters. Ambrose, a serial dater, is setting out to change her mind about love once and for all. 

This releases June 3rd, and I'm so excited to read it!







Words in Deep Blue-Cath Crowley

Rachel had a crush on Henry Jones years ago and left a letter proclaiming her undying love. Only Henry never wrote back.

Now, Rachel has returned to the bookstore, working alongside Henry. Surrounded by happy couples, exchanging letters through books, a love begins to bloom.

Set to release June 6th.





Midnight Jewel-Richelle Mead



The anticipated sequel to The Glittering Court, this follows Mira, a refugee of war. She goes to court and learns to be a proper lady, one of nobleness to marry a well-off man. 

Only, during the night, she hatches a plan to escape, all the while finding love, passion, and freedom. 

Releases June 27th.





Bad Romance-Heather Demetrios



Bad Romance is a story of darkness merging into light. 

Grace wants out of her home. Away from her abusive father, and crazy mother. She leaves one prison to end up in another. 

Gavin was charming and sweet until he became possessive and mean.  

Releases June 13th.




Until it Fades-K.A. Tucker


This story follows Catherine, a truck stop waitress and single mother working hard to give her daughter a good life. She just wants to lay low and keep out of gossip in town. 

That all changes when she saves the life of a famous hockey player. Now her life is in the tabloids, and every second she's with him, she finds it harder to resist. 

Releases June 27th




The Impossible Vastness of Us-Samantha Young

India has moved across the country and fallen down the social ladder. It's taken time to hide her personal life and be known as popular before the move. Now she's living with her Mother's new husband and his daughter.

With the help of His daughter and her boyfriend, India falls back down the ladder. But as they spend time together, secrets begin to be spoken and a friendship blooms.

Releases June 27th