#TheReadingQuest | A readathon of sorts

So the last time I did a readathon, I failed. Like, so hard. To my defense, a last minute migraine kicked in, and those who suffer know how difficult it can be to blink, let alone read. 

I've found another one, at last minute like always, and I'm so excited! It starts tomorrow and is called-you know it- The Reading Quest by ReadAtMidnight! You can find the sign up and info page by clicking her name. It's a readathon of sorts thats like a game. You choose a character, like a Mage or knight and each journey or book you complete, gives your chatacer XP, and soon your character can level up!

I have chosen to be have the Knight character! Fierce and protective! Here is the sheet, so you can see the other characters and what I've got to accomplish!



As you can see, it's pretty neat! I'm so excited. I'll be posting about each square I accomplish and give a tidbit about that book! I'll also be putting a video on YouTube for when I start this and finish at the stages!

This artwork is adorable, and couldn't be completed without CW of Read, Think, Ponder! Serious, mad credit to this awesome person! Check it out!

Now, onto my TBR!

Here we have my first read! This will be going on square 1, and my journey is: the first book of a series! 

Uglies is about a world where you're completely normal and "ugly" until you go through a process to become beautiful. But not everything is as it seems on the greener side. 








This next one is for: A book with a verb in the title! This follows Haven, a girl who gets a prestigious award to be at a posh school. She meets a few interesting people who have the knack for turning her world upside down. Nothing about these people-including her new crush-is normal, though, and she's going to find out what's going on. 


This one is for: A book with a weapon on the cover! This follows Adelina, a survivor of a terrible blood fever. Many died, but those that didn't changed-some even gaining gifts, powers. 

: A book with a red cover. This has some red, so I'm counting it. For anyone familiar for Black Widow, this follows Natasha as she fights her way through trouble and enemies. 


For: A book that has a tv/movie adaption. This one is coming out next year I believe, and stars Alex Wolf and Ross Lynch. This is written by Derf, who was a good friend to Dahmer during high school. This is his story about knowing him and the experiences he had with him.