Review: Under Her Skin-Adriana Anders

Under Her Skin

Book 1




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Ivan thought the world was through giving him second chances. Who’d want a rough ex-con with a savior complex and a bad habit of bringing home helpless strays? Everyone in Blackwood, Virginia knew he wasn’t good enough for the fine things in life; they knew he was too damaged to save. He just needed to keep his head down, work himself to the bone, and pretend he was content with the lot he was given.

Until she came into his life. Until she changed everything.

Until he realized he would do anything, fight anyone, tear the world apart if it meant saving her.

I got this book from NetGalley and was so excited to read it. I hadn't used NetGalley before, so I was surprised to have been approved. 

This story follows Uma, an abused, scared young woman who's trying to get away from her ex and move on from the nightmares that haunt her. Her ex has friends from the law reinforcement and can easily find her, freaking her out to the point of laying low and afraid to make a statement against him. She once had a passion for photography but is now a caretaker for a cantankerous old lady, but Uma doesn't let that derail her from the plans she has. 

Her plans don't involve a man, because what she hides underneath her clothes can't possibly attract someone. Yet her neighbor, Ivan, doesn't seem to care. Ivan seems to be a nice man with a dark past that's shaped who he is, and Uma can't stop thinking about him. They grow closer, and soon there's something undeniable between them. Uma is afraid though, and that could jeopardize everything that's happened. 

The Good: Though there was romance in this book, I loved how it focused on Uma and her problems. She's gone through a lot, and she could either let it drag her down or fight with all that's in her. I found it interesting how much of a conundrum she is. She's scared yet fierce, anti social but makes friends. I loved to see her grow and mature, working through her problems as she makes friends and falls in love. I loved the relationship between Ivan and Uma, to see it change and bloom over time was great. 

“Just like he hammered order into iron, he helped shape and mold her into something strong and lasting.”

The Bad: The story kind of slowed in the middle. I felt like the same issues were brought up again and again. I found myself skimming some areas because it wasn't new and interesting. 

This was an interesting read and I suspect the rest of the series will be just as great. 

-The Avid Reader-