Review: Reapers Claim-Simone Elise

Reapers Claim

Romance, action


Rating: 3.0

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I was given this book in exchange for an honest review*

I love MC romances. The edginess, the darkness, and action. I've read dozens and each are different but have the same feel to them. Nothing really set them apart. Going into this one, I was excited and couldn't wait. 

Abby's dad is president of the Satan's Sons Mother Charter and along with her twin sister, Kim, they grew up in the world of violence. All Abby knows is motorcycles, women in scantily clad outfits, guns, and death. She couldn't imagine being anywhere else, and after a situation at a club party, Kade "Reaper" becomes apart of her life. This story takes place over a few years, seeing the girls grow up and go through many trying situations. 

The Good:

I enjoyed seeing Abby and Kade grow over the years. They go through drama and life changing mistakes that push them together and sometimes pull them apart. They go through a lot, but they return to each other each visit. It was interesting to see their relationship merge together. 

The Bad:

I didn't enjoy this as much as I wanted to. The writing wasn't really mature, it kind of felt like a teenager wrote it. I loved Abby in the beginning and thought she'd be this cool artist person who's going to be strong and real. She was sweet and demure in the beginning and then she turned a complete 180. She's mean, snappy, and not at all like the girl in the first chapter. It threw me off and I couldn't connect well with her. I was more often annoyed than anything else. 

This story does end with a cliffhanger. It has mature content, and while I finished this, I can't say it's my favorite. 

-The Avid Reader-