Review: Her Relentless Russian-Leslie North

Her Relentless Russian

Book # 3

Genre: romance, suspense

Pgs: 156

Rating: 3.0

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Rare bookstore owner Dmitry Karev left the Russian Mafia behind when his wife died, but there’s too much at stake to keep his back turned any longer. His father is dead and his brothers may be next. Someone’s been leaving Dmitry clues about the killer, but he never expected his informant to be a bombshell like Harper Allen. Now the curvy computer expert is testing not only Dmitry’s methodical nature, but his self-restraint as well. But with his family’s lives in the balance, Harper may be the best chance Dmitry’s got to catch a killer. 

When hacker Harper Allen’s parents used her college money to pay off the Mafia, it was Sergey Karev who financed her education. Now that he’s been murdered, she’s repaying him the only way she can…by helping his son solve the crime. To follow the trail any further, though, she’ll have to convince Dmitry to work with her. The buttoned-up Russian seems hesitant at first, but it doesn’t take long for Harper to discover what’s beneath Dmitry’s icy cool demeanor. 

As Harper and Dmitry worm their way deeper into the Russian Mafia, their chemistry becomes undeniable. But with a killer at their heels, they’ll have to stay focused if they want to stay alive.

I got this book from NetGally, and it's the only reason I'm reviewing this. I was disappointed with book 2 but I had already requested this one by the time I finished the second book. So I read this one and I actually didn't finish it. I hate saying that, as I know a lot of work goes into making a book


This story follows Dmitry and Harper. Dmitry owns a bookstore and is ex mafia, and ever since he's father died, he's been in the background, staying out of trouble. He's seen his brothers go through a lot as they investigated the death of their father and finding their own ladies to fall in love with. Harper's family has a history with the mafia, and Dmitry's father is a familiar person to her. He paid for her education and she's become a hacker. Feeling like she owes him, she sets out to find the killer with the help of Dmitry. What starts off as a turbulent friendship morphed into a hot romance. 

The Good:

Like I've stated, I didn't finish this book but I did like the fact that Dmitry-an ex mafia man-owns a bookstore. When does that ever happen? I love how different that is, and he's not this alpha butt head, he's actually pretty nice with a hot side to him. I also love that Harper is a hacker, it's so cool. 

The Bad:

I couldn't get into this like I wanted to. It was kind of slow and didn't keep my attention at all. I tried reading it a few times but gave up around the same area. I'm not totally sure why, I just couldn't get into it. I don't have much to say here, since I didn't get far in.

It could just be me, because I know many people love this series. I'd say give it a shot. They're all standalones with HEA's, and they aren't super long. I believe they're on Kindle Unlimited, so nothing lost, right?

-The Avid Reader-