Review: Roseblood-A.G. Howard



Young adult



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Rune, a seventeen year old with mysterious operatic talent, gets shipped off to a French school named Roseblood. It's a conservatory that's rumored to have ties to the famous tale, The Phantom of the Opera, one of Runes favorite story. There she makes friends while figuring out what's so different about her. She finds answers to long kept secrets in the halls of this school. Along the way, she finds friendship, love, and herself. 

I wasn't sure about reading this book. It's a great idea and I liked that part, but when I had read the first book in the Splintered series, I was disappointed and ended up DNFing it. So I wasn't too excited to read this one. Yet, I read it anyway and I'm glad I did. 

The Good:

This story is both creepy and awesome. Which I love in the books I read. A psychotic phantom and maybe some donuts for the cream of the crop. I was obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera and watched the movies so many times, I basically became the phantom, minus the killing part. Because of this, I had high expectations.

I think this was a retelling but it almost felt like a sequel of sorts. It's set in modern day and follows Rune (duh), who has the uncontrollable urge to break into opera singing like a Disney movie. Plus its set in an old opera house. Not sure how that happens, but I'll go with it. I wish I had gone to school there!

This is has dual POV's! When I ended Rune's chapter, I was so happy to see one from Thorn's POV. He totally stole the show with his. He was so cute and logical, and I loved how he thought about Rune.

I love how creepy this is. Haunting music, old buildings, graveyards, and bleeding roses. It all added to the atmosphere of the story. There are monsters in this book, and animals with different voices and it's all just so weird and different. Its an original, that's for sure. 

Also, the moments between Rune and Thorn are adorable. This isn't a hot, smexy read, but it didn't need to be. Anymore and it would have ruined the interaction between them. I looked forward to their scenes the most, and fell in love with them. I liked that it wasn't instant, but you could feel the attraction between them. 

The villain I wasn't too fond of but his part made sense. His reasoning was real ad believable, and while I didn't enjoy him, he was a great character. He was very gray in the way that it wasn't black and white. I felt that he wasn't traditionally evil, yet he was mad and chaotic, but sad and vulnerable. 

The Bad:

This is a standalone. Usually I love standalone books because annoying strife happens in the others and the characters get torn apart and whatnot. I just wish there was more Tune (Rune, Thorn;) time. The story was very much centered around who she is, which is great don't get me wrong, but I would have loved more of the romance. 

There are a bunch of opera terms used in this book, and unless you're really into that genre, a lot of it won't make sense. I had to google a few words and it was distracting. 

I found it a bit hard to connect with Rune. I couldn't find myself liking her, but I didn't dislike her either. I just felt kind of meh toward her. 

The ending felt kind of abrupt. The whole climatic part felt rushed and it still felt a little but unfinished. 

I did enjoy this story way more than I thought I would, and I totally recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good retelling with monsters, romance, and music. 

-The Avid Reader-