Review: Burn-Jayelle Morgan


Burn: The Elemental Hearts

Series: Book 1

Genre: Romance/paranormal

Pages: 282

Rating: 4.5

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Depending on an Elemental Warrior is the key to her survival…and maybe more.

Brooke Simmonds moved to the isolated mountain town of Topaz Ridge for three things: A position as senior designer at the local paper, money in the bank, and complete independence. The day she gets everything she’s been working towards, her life goes up in flames. Literally. Her rescue is a haze of pain and smoke, but she remembers him, the handsome stranger that carried her out of the blaze. Are her memories clouded by smoke inhalation, or did she really see him manipulating the flames to save her?

He’ll either lose his control, or his heart. Or both.

Levi takes an instant liking to Brooke, whose smile makes him burn hotter than the fire inside him. When her apartment building bursts into flames, he springs to the rescue. As one of the elite Elemental Warriors sent here to fight the forces of Chaos, he’s got the power to do it. His control however, is…unpredictable. He gets her to safety, but not before revealing himself for what he is.

When the enemy turns their sights on Brooke, she’s sucked into a world, and a war, she never knew existed. Now, she’ll have to depend on Levi to help her navigate this new world whether she wants to or not. The burn between them is undeniable, but will it be enough to help them conquer their foes, and their differences? Or will they both go down in flames?





*I received this in exchange for an honest review*


This is a new author for me, so I wasn't sure how I would like the writing style but I always give books a try. I did love this book, and I'm glad that there will be more coming out! Burn was a well thought out story, with just the right amount of action, paranormal, and romance. Three of my favorite types put together!


This is about the Elemental Warriors, who are tasked with ridding the world of chaos, or the Chaolts who use humans with elemental powers, called Erratics, to cause natural disasters. I have never read something with this plot idea, so this was very interesting to me and I was insanely curious about how this would all come to be. The Elemental Warriors protect the earth and making sure humans don't know of their existence, something that can get hard at this point.


Levi is the hero in this book, and he is a Fire Elemental who is struggling to control his power. You could feel how frustrated he was when he wasn't allowed to do something. I felt bad that he was taken off patrols by his commander, and I knew he wanted to control his powers more than anything.


Brooke comes into the picture, having no idea about Elemental Warriors and Chaolts and how they surround them. She's about to get into the middle of a dangerous war, and I love how strong yet vulnerable she is. She doesn't know how to fight like a ninja or anything crazy like that. I don't like when normal girls somehow are able to kick the butts of villains who are magical in some form. That's not realistic. When Brooke's apartment explodes as Levi is chasing down an Erratic, Levi is bound and determined to make sure she's safe.


I loved the attraction between them. Levi knows he can't be with Brooke, it isn't okay, but as time goes on and he grows to like her more, he's about to do whatever possible to keep her safe and make her his.


This is full of action and romance, which I love. Everything moved at the right pace, the secondary characters were right on par. I loved the setting for this story. It's so fun to read about something new in paranormal, and it's great that something new can be created still. I give mad props to Morgan.


If you like action, paranormal, romance, and a new world, check this one out!