Review: Lip Service-Simone Sowood

Lip Service


Romance, erotica



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Out of curiosity, I checked out her videos. Who wouldn't?
I didn't count on being tempted by her silky voice or her full lips.
Too bad she's off limits.
Being a single dad isn't easy, and I have rules -- no relationships, and no screwing close to home.
But when I become the subject of her posts, I can't keep my hands off her any longer.
I have to teach her everything she got wrong in her videos.

"Ox man: I promise you I can each you more than what's in that book, guaranteed. Anytime you want a lesson, baby."

Dang, okay.


Lip Service is about two characters who just want to have some fun and not worry about being in a relationship. But of course, that fickle thing called love gets in the way and ruins what could possibly be the best thing to ever happen to them.


Avery is our main character, and she's pretty cool. I've read books where the chicks have the same jobs, like fashion designer or farm lady with the cool Stetson, but never have I read a book where the chick's job is YouTube. More precisely, a channel where she talks about sex, toys, and other neat things. I think that's super cool, not only because it's different but how open about the topic Avery is. It almost feels taboo to have a character actually know what she's doing, seeing as how so many women characters are seen as innocent dolts who don't know the first thing about their own body, let alone a hunky mans.


I do really love Avery, though. Outside of her awesome "fake" bedroom, she's a great person. She's loving, tender, and just wants her next door neighbors heart. And other things...


Knox (phew, that name!) is a single dad who just wants some fun. Piper is his first priority, has been since she was born, and because of that, relationships aren't his thing. He doesn't want a bunch of women to come around, only for his daughter to see them leave. While at first he was a jerk of a neighbor, he realizes that he has the hots for Avery, especially after learning about her being a sex expert with a channel. Thus begins the secret hookups.


"I meant I don't want a relationship with you. Because I have Piper, and she's my priority."

I adored Piper, you could see she was a little match maker from the beginning, and I loved the bond between her and Knox, and how she became to trust in Avery. I wish they had a few more scenes together, ones that really would have made their bond with each other more tight and important.

While I loved this book, I was a tad confused about it's genre. It felt like a romance occasionally switching to a erotic story. It's not a bad thing, but I would have liked for it to be more one or the other. There are some points where Knox or Avery does something that seems like an erotic bit but then the next page it becomes a regular romance story. Not sure if this is just me, but it's still a good story, nonetheless.


This is my first book by Simone and I'm sure I'll be reading more by her. The writing is great and draws you in. I have no regrets reading this book, and I know you won't either. It's also available on Kindle Unlimited, so why not give it a go?