Review: Slammed-Colleen Hoover



Romance, young adult



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Falling in love can feel like poetry. Or it can feel like a slam to the heart. Colleen Hoover’s romantic, emotion-packed debut novel unforgettably captures all the magic and confusion of first love, as two young people forge an unlikely bond before discovering that fate has other plans for them. Following the unexpected death of her father, eighteen-year-old Layken becomes the rock for both her mother and younger brother. She appears resilient and tenacious, but inside, she's losing hope. Then she meets her new neighbor Will, a handsome twenty-one-year-old whose mere presence leaves her flustered and whose passion for poetry slams thrills her. Not long after a heart-stopping first date during which each recognizes something profound and familiar in the other, they are slammed to the core when a shocking discovery brings their new relationship to a sudden halt. Daily interactions become impossibly painful as they struggle to find a balance between the feelings that pull them together and the forces that tear them apart. Only through the poetry they share are they able to speak the truth that is in their hearts and imagine a future where love is cause for celebration, not regret.





"Choose your battles, but not very many."

I love Colleen Hoover so much. This is the first book that I've read by her, and it won't be the last. Each book she writes has a way of taking every bit of your soul and crushing it to smithereens. Don't let the pain keep you from cracking open her books though. Slammed is the very first book I read by Colleen a few years ago.


Layken just moved with her mom and little brother after the death of her dad. She is the rock that keeps her small family together and happy. Layken is tough but vulnerable and I admired her courage. She's just trying to be a normal teenager who has schoolwork.


Her neighbor from across the street is the handsome Will. Just the sight of him gives her flutters, the sound of his voice leaving her confused and stumbling for words. She feels connected to him. After he takes her to a poetry night, they agree to talk again and they split ways.


"You keep your ocean, I'll take the Lake."


Of course, Colleen doesn't make this easy.


Because they see each other faster than imagined. At her school. Where she's the student and he's her teacher. Uh oh. The story really starts at that point. They try to stay away from each other, deciding that it's too dangerous for them to be seen together at all. It's a tough time for Layken because she quickly grew close to him.


The writing is just amazing. It always captivates me. Colleen always has some sort of poetry in her books, and this wasn't a let down seeing as how it's all about poetry slams. These characters go through a lot with family and friends. Layken's mom goes through a lot, hitting the family with pain once again. Will is with her this time and it really helped her. The scene when they're at Will's house for dinner is amusing. Let's just that I butterflying love it! (Comment below if you understand that!)


"Life wants you to fight it, learn how to make it your own."

I could go on forever about this book, and it's hard to keep this going without giving away spoilers. I can only tell you to read it-because you won't regret it. It's told from Layken's pov (and maybe Wills? It's been awhile). It's fast paced but not rushed. You'll fall deeply in like with everyone and their stories.


So go ahead, read it.


"For once in my life, I was here and nowhere else."