Review: Deep Dark Secrets-Sarra Cannon

Deep Dark Secrets

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young adult, paranormal

4.5 stars

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One year ago, seventeen-year-old Marayah Freeman nearly died in a tragic car accident that also took the life of her best friend, Hailey.

Memories of the accident plague Marayah, but no one believes they’re real. They say there was no shadowy figure on the bridge that night. No oil-black tears running down Hailey's face. No guy who appeared from a bright light in the forest. 

Frustrated, Marayah locks those memories away and tries to focus on the future, but the past keeps pulling her back. A guy who looks like the stranger from the forest enrolls in her school, and her nightmares are getting worse. But when she finds a note in her locker, the mystery of the accident becomes more terrifying than ever. The note is from Hailey.

If I’m dead— 
it wasn’t an accident.”





I've read each and every one of Cannon's books, eagerly waiting for each one because I found her during her first book's release. That's awesome, but also sad because it kills me to wait. When she asked for ARC (Advance reader copies) readers, I totally jumped on board and finish this within a day. 

This is different from her other works, primarily her series involving witches, but I looked forward to this new series and new characters. I wasn't disappointed. 


The Good:

I love Marayah. She starts out as this sad, almost chaotic character who's finally released from a psychiatric program after dealing with a huge accident the year prior. We meet her and she's just wanting to get home, but inside is still sad and confused. I felt so much for her in the beginning, especially as she transistions back to being home and going to school. It was obviously hard for her. 

Now, add in supernatural and high school becomes even worse. 

The Native American aspect to this was so neat. I don't know much about their stories and culture, so it was neat to hear about what they believe in and how it all wraps into Marayah's story. It was a pretty neat and different story plot, one I've yet to have seen and I really appreciate that. 

Jordan and Marayah are too cute. I can't wait to read more of them in the coming books, and hope they're will be more of their "time" together! I also like how Jordan is involved in all of this, it's like mystery after mystery with this book. 

It's sad how this supernatural entity wrapped itself into this town and messed up lives in the process, but I thought it was a neat villain for this story. 


The Bad:

None. Because this book is awesome. 

Okay, I lie. The only bad is that it's too short. It needs to be a thousand pages!


If you enjoy supernatural stories and beings, a dash of love and mystry, this is for you!